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About Us

Hello friends, first of all, thank you so much for visiting this page and showing interest in "About us".This is a Hindi blog where you will find lots of entertaining news, and articles. In this blog you will find the articles beyond conventional pattern of news and posts. For my blog, I have categorised my posts into different labels or categories.
In the category 'offbeat' i have collected some offbeat stories and news from around the world. here you will find some ajab-gajab facts and information.
The second category is 'Bollywood' which includes some entertaining facts and news about Bollywood stars and movies.
The third category is my favourite that is 'lifestyle' it includes some myths and facts about fashion, food, relationship etc.
Entertainment is the basic need of a human being in their busy lifestyle. in this category, I have a collection of news from television shows, celebrities and puzzles.
From the category 'social' you will find the social news and articles related to our society. 
One of my favourite categories is 'dharma-Jyotish' in this category I have published some articles related to astrology and religion.
some inspirational stories, articles and news are categorised as 'inspirational'. these stories and posts inspire us to grow.
Jokes and humour is the part of a happy lifestyle. I also have included this fact on my blog. This segment is prepared for my readers to make them smile.
Dear visitors want to tell you that every post published on this blog is not copied and paste from anywhere, the content written over here is very easy and in simplest form that user can get more information in easy and our own language Hindi.
So friends please, keep visiting, keep reading it will appreciate us and increase your knowledge too.

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